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Qscan Plus

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Combined with a good toothbrush and toothpaste, the Qscan Plus helps you to check your oral hygiene efficacy on and between teeth and along the gum line after brushing.

If you use whitening toothpastes, the Qscan Plus can help you to check the reduction of new stains. Used with dental floss or a water powered flossing device, the Qscan Plus assists at dental plaque removal efficacy and checking the hygiene around braces and deep cleaning in tight spaces

Qscan plus

【 Q 】 What should I do when I see red colorations after brushing my teeth?
【 A 】 The red spots show where mature biofilm has been building up. You may not be able to solve this by brushing, so you might want to consult your dentist or hygienist to help you.

【 Q 】 Can I just see the biofilm on the front teeth?
【 A 】 If your teeth from the front show red spots when using the device this may give you an indication that the inner and rear sides of your teeth are having similar spots.
By changing the angle of the device you can also look at the rear and inner tooth surfaces.

【 Q 】 Is it safe to use for children and infants?
【 A 】 The LED lights used in this device are harmless to all, also to children and infants.
The LED lights should however only be used to check teeth, and direct shining into the eyes should be avoided.

【 Q 】 Is the device waterproof, can it be used in the bathroom?
【 A 】 The Qscan Plus is not waterproof and should never be submersed in water.
You can clean the device after use with a damp tissue or a towel.

【 Q 】 The Qscan Plus is used by all of our family members. Is there any problem regarding hygiene and cross-contamination?
【 A 】 The ambient light shield that may touch the face and/or lips can be detached
and cleaned by using an alcohol wipe or mild detergent.

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