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Qraycam Pro

High resolution, elegant and practical designed lightweight, handheld and auto-focus QLF™ camera. Superior optics. For fast capturing of QLF™  and white light images. Full control over all the imaging options. Suitable for clinical and in vitro research.

Simple, save, clean, efficient and direct.

  • Auto-save of white light and QLF™ images

  • Makes full arch imaging possible

  • Compatible with PMS 

  • Auto-focus by one-touch button 

  • Anterior and occlusal modes offered 

  • Apps for pc or tablet provided

  • Enhanced operation with the ergonomic grip shape

  • 1920x1080p FHD & LCD 3.5inch HDML monitor

Qraypen C

Elegant and lightweight intra-oral diagnostic imaging device with autozoom function. Fast capturing of QLF™ and white light images. Also ideal for inspection of individual elements on cracks and fissures.

  • Diagnose incipient and proximal caries

  • Detect Cracked teeth and Prosthesis & plaque

  • Compatible with PMS

  • Easy use by A/F and One-touch Button for imaging

Qscan Plus

Easy to use and safe Biofilm self-tester, an effective Oral Hygiene Monitoring Assistant

  • Ambient light shield secures a clear and bright view

  • A patented combination of 4 fluorescent LEDs and the Inspektor filter shows mature cariogenic dental plaque

  • An easy and fast family tool for monitoring oral hygiene efficacy

  • Clear indication to visit a dental care professional if discolorations cannot be brushed away

Q-Ray Clinical Software

A clinical diagnostic software suite, providing real-time images and objective, quantified analyses of oral anomalies

Simple Hygiene Score

Detection of cariogenic biofilm by red discolorations: touch the simple hygiene score tap and the dental plaque score from 0 to 5 is automatically displayed. The oral hygiene ratings of any patient can be recorded and monitored in the clinical history.

White Spot Measurement

Analysis of incipient caries or demineralized enamel by quantified results of delta F and delta R values. These values indicate the degree of demineralization.

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